Business Associate (AAS)

Program Overview

South Plains College offers students a technical program in business that is designed for students seeking comprehensive, integrated business knowledge. The curriculum provides for a selection of business courses that meet the trends, needs, and expectation of the business community, as well as the goals and desires of the student. The flexibility of the program allows for the creation of a degree plan that can extend from general knowledge to a specified narrow concentration. Business areas include general business, marketing, management, accounting, real estate and administrative support. The program is offered at the college's Levelland Campus, Lubbock Center and the Plainview Center. Students who satisfactorily complete this two-year curriculum will receive an associate of applied science degree. The program also offers optional plans for a Certificate of Proficiency in General Business and a Certificate of Proficiency in Business Management. South Plains College's business associate program offers you the opportunity to study areas necessary to compete in today's fast-paced business world. The classroom settings at SPC encourage the open exchange of ideas necessary to develop reasoning skills. Additionally, up-to-date computer hardware and software provide you with an opportunity to use computers for business applications and study.

Training Facilities

South Plains College’s business associate program offers you the opportunity to apply accounting, economic and mathematical theory to the contemporary business world. The dynamic nature of business and how it functions in regional and global environments require that you be able to think and communicate logically and clearly.
The classroom and training setting at SPC encourages the open exchange of ideas necessary to develop these important reasoning skills. Additionally, state-of-the-art computer labs provide you with an opportunity to use microcomputers for business applications and study.
Classes at SPC are small, averaging around 25 students, so you can be sure of receiving individual attention.

Career Opportunities in Business

Today's workforce requires that the successful employee possess initiative, ability to adapt to change, and a sincere interest in their work. Many opportunities are available for you in the world of business. You could be employed by a corporation or small business, a government agency or non-profit organization, or a college or university. The Associate of Applied Science in Business also provides a good foundation for starting your own small business.

For More Information

Faculty advisors work closely with you in planning your course of study to help ensure a successful completion of the correct courses. Faculty advisor for the Levelland Campus is Lauren Gregory, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Business Administration. Faculty advisor for the Lubbock Center is Dr. Jim Wilhelm, Program Coordinator and Professor of Business Administration.  Advisor for the Plainview Center is Jolee Dietrich, Director of the Plainview Extension Center.

Contact Us

Lauren Gregory (Levelland Campus)


Phone: 806.716.2249


Jim Wilhelm (Lubbock Center)


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