Social Sciences

The Social Science Department provides courses for student majors in the specialized fields of government, history, economics and in the general social science teaching field.

Texas law requires students seeking a baccalaureate degree at public institutions to complete six semester house of American and Texas government.  Most students meet these requirements by taking HIST 1301 and 1302 and GOVT 2305 and 2306; however, the law does provide two options: 1.) three of the six history hours and three of the six government hours may be completed by advanced standing examination; 2.) three of the six history hours may be in Texas History.

Majors in arts and sciences and pre-law are directed to consult the department advisor or the Office of Guidance and Counseling for the proper course of study.  Students who plan to graduate from an out-of-state college are advised to include HIST 1301 and HIST 1302 in their course program.

Departmental chairperson is Dr. Angela Roberts, professor of history and government.